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Wierix etchings

prints from the original copper plates
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Wierix etchings

A church treasure, found in a catholic church in Amsterdam in the summer of 2000: 75 original copper plates by the Wierix family. Anton Wierix, his brother Hieronymus Wierix and his son in law Jan Baptist Barbé belonged to the famous printersfamily in Antwerp in the 16th and 17th century. These copper plates were, 400 years later, still in mint condition and for the exhibition in The Rembrandt House Museum in 2001 some prints were pulled of these plates. A small amount is now available for purchase in the museum webshop. The images are in order of the numbers. All prints are on paper of 16 x 24 cm, without mount.

choose 1 for H. Wierix: The Old and the New Law, 123 x 68 mm. Text Lex per Moysen...( 8 prints)

choose 2 for H. Wierix: Maria on a moonbeam, 89 x 63 mm. Text Dilectus meus... ( 5 prints)

choose 3 for A. Wierix: Birth of Christ, 115 x 71 mm. Text Ferte rosas... (3 prints)

choose 4 for Wierix Studio: Christ chops the tree of Sin, 135 x 100 mm. Text Sol pellit...( 4 prints)

choose 5 for J.B. Barbé: Incarnation of Mary and Teresa of Avila, 123 x 86 mm. Text La venerable Soeur... ( 4 prints)

choose 6 for H. Wierix: Christ in a heart, 51 x 67 mm. Text Ego dormio... ( 1 print)

choose 7 for H. Wierix: Christ in a heart with rosary, 58 x 91 mm. Text Pone me... (3 prints)

choose 8 for H. Wierix: Christ knocks on the door of the heart, 95 x 58 mm. Text Quantae molis...( 3 prints)

choose 9 for A. Wierix: Christ conquers Death and Sin, 125 x 75 mm. Text Per mortem... (2 prints)

choose 10 for H. wierix: Annunciation, 135 x 98 mm. Text Quindecim Mysteria (only one print left)

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