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FAQ'S: Frequently Asked Questions, please check if your question has been answered below.

The webshop is always open. With your purchase you support the museum. It is also possible to donate. We ship orders worldwide and you can pay in a secure environment.

24 April 2024 is the first upcoming date of shipment.


Mijn Engels is niet zo goed. Waar is de Nederlandse webshop?

Linksboven in de webshop ziet u een Engelse vlag. Klik daarop en de keuze van taal verschijnt: Nederlands of Engels.



How can I contact you?

Go to our website www.rembrandthuis.nl  for all information about the Rembrandt House Museum. At Plan Your Visit and Visitor Information you can find everything you need to know about opening times, tickets and reservations.  When you have any questions about this, mail to [email protected]

When you have questions about the webshop, mail to [email protected] or use the contact info at the top right corner.


Can I have my order sent to another address?

In the payment process you can choose a delivery address different from the billing address.


I have just finished my order and now I want to add an item. How can I prevent to pay the postage twice?

PLease send an email to [email protected] with your request. It depends on destination and weight of the items if it can be added to your first order without paying extra postage.


I want to send it as a gift. Can you gift-wrap it for me?

Yes, we can. If you let us  know in the comment box at the end of the order we will make sure that it is attractively wrapped.


I want to make a donation

Yes, thank you, that is possible when you click on the category Donations. There are three choices that you can multiply as often as you like. It is possible to just donate without buying any merchandise. Also when you put any item in the shoppingcart you can see the donation buttons appear when you scroll downward.


How do I cancel my order?

This can only be done if the order has not yet been sent. Please contact the Rembrandt House Museum as soon as possible: email [email protected]  (the quickest way due to working at home) or telephone+31(0)20-5200407 Retail or +31(0)20-5200400 Museum.


What does the Rembrandt House Museum do with my personal data?

We guarantee your privacy. We use the information you provided, such as name, address, telephone number and credit card number, exclusively for processing your order and for our records. The information is not used for other purposes of a commercial or non-commercial nature not directly related to the Rembrandt House Museum without obtaining your prior agreement. (For more information please see our privacy policy page).



What means of payment does the Rembrandt House webshop accept?

We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. You can also use iDEAL and PayPal. We do not send parcels COD. Should you not have a credit card or access to internet banking, telephone +31(0)20-5200407 or email us  [email protected] (the quickest way due to working at home) to find out how we can help you. A different payment method will take more time.


How is the payment handled?

The Rembrandt House webshop uses OmniKassa’s secure payment environment. You will be taken through the various steps during the payment process.


The payment is unsuccesfull. 

Sometimes the payment does not get through. Please try again with a different card. If that does not work, you could re-order a second time. The first unpaid order will be cancelled. If it is still unsuccesfull, please contact us at [email protected]

For residents in the EU it is possible to deposit the payment in our bank. Ask for the details by email.


How soon is my payment processed?

This depends on your bank.


How do you guarantee the safety of the credit card payment?

The page on which you make your purchases is Rabobank’s OmniKassa page. The security of your payments is an ongoing area of attention for Omnikassa and Rabobank. The OmniKassa team of specialists continually monitors the latest developments to provide you with a secure and reliable service. For more information see Rabobank’s website.


Do the prices in the Rembrandt House webstore include VAT?

Yes, all prices on our site include VAT at the Dutch rate, 21% for gifts and 9% for books, food and postcards. The VAT amounts charged are specified on our invoices. For customers outside the EU the VAT is deducted, You can see this on the invoice. For businesses inside the EU the VAT is also deducted if you submit your VATnumber. For residents of the UK the VAT is 20% and 5%. 


Are customs duties charged?

You may be liable to customs duties and sales tax if you have your order delivered outside the EU. This has to do with the import of goods. A courier firm can import goods for you but you will have to pay customs duties and taxes through them. Ask your national customs what amount is exempt from tax.

Due to brexit this also applies to the UK.



What does shipping cost me?

All parcels are sent as Track & Trace parcels through PostNL.  They can weigh up to 5 kilo, some countries up to 10 kilo and are insured up to 50 or 500 euro, depending on your purchase. They also require your signature at delivery.

The price depends on the destination and the weight. The 3 zones are:

EUR 1 countries in Europe: B; DK, excluding Faeröer Islands and Greenland; D; F; LUX; A; S; E, excluding Canary Islands; I, excluding San Marino and Vatican City. All these countries have their own rates.

EUR 2 the other countries in Europe excluding Russia but including Turkey. Of these Finland, Ireland and UK have their own rates.

WORLD which is the rest of the world. 

For customers residing in the Netherlands there is one price for 0-155 grams, one for 155 grs-10 kilo, and one for 10-20 kilo. Orders of 25 euro and more are free of postage to an address in the Netherlands. 


Pick-up at the museum in Amsterdam 

There is also a choice of pick-up at the museum in Amsterdam for customers residing in the Netherlands. Pick-up can be done only on Monday through Sunday after you receive an email that the package is ready. And also after a pick-up reservation is made by email. Check your spam when you have not heard from us.


How long before I receive my parcel?

Handling your order will take place one day per week. In December postage takes longer.

We use Track&Trace PostNL parcel post. Deliverytime is one to two weeks (EUR1 and EUR2) and three to four weeks (WORLD) depending on the destination. 

You may contact your local post office using the track code for locating the parcel. When you are twice not at home when they deliver, the parcel is sent to a postal facility in your country for pick-up. After one month the parcel is usually sent back to the museum. So please contact your local post office before 1 month after our shipment date.

You can keep track of your package on www.internationalparceltracking.com

For US citizens try the site www.USPS.com

Or contact us at [email protected]



We re-use boxes and stuffing material as much as possible. So it is possible you will receive your order in a box of a different brand than what you expect.


I haven’t received my order, what should I do?

You will find a note of the maximum delivery time of your parcel on TNT’s dispatch information page. The delivery time is from the moment that you receive our dispatch confirmation. Please email us at [email protected] if your order has still not been delivered after the maximum delivery time.

You can keep track of your package on www.internationalparceltracking.com

For UK citizens it is possible to ask information about your package with Hermes courier. They do put a new code on your package once it is through customs which does make it harder to find out. Please send an email to the webshop and we will locate the new code for you.

For US citizens it is possible to track your parcel, once it has arrived in the US, through the site of USPS using the T&Tcode. Or call 800-AK-USPS.

My package is damaged. What should I do?

Contact the museum at [email protected] immediately. Take pictures of the wrapping, box, label with barcode and content. Keep all items untill claim is handled. For citizens outside the EU it is necessary to contact your local post office and file for a damage report.



What is your exchange policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with some or all of the items you have received you can return them to the Rembrandt House Museum within 14 days of receipt. Please contact us so that we can solve your problem:  [email protected]

Send your items to Rembrandt House Museum, Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011 NK Amsterdam. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. Make sure you have a proof of shipment.


How do I get my money back?

Your money will be returned within 14-30 days. The easiest and cheapest way is by reimbursement on a Pay Pal account. Or a European bank account. Also possible on a Wise account. We cannot reimburse on a credit card.


Can I submit a review?

Any customer can submit a review. We hope for positive ones but also not so positive reviews will be accepted. A reason not to accept a review is the use of foul language.


I didn’t find my answer in the list above.

Send your question to us through the webshop contact page or email  [email protected] and we will contact you with the answer to your question as soon as possible.

Kind regards, Daniella Bruinsma

Merchandise & Retail